Arrange for Private Classes!!! Date and Menus TBD!

1.Private Class- 1 student $100- 3 recipes
2.Private Class- 2  students @ $85 per person- 3 recipes
3.Private Class- 3 students @ $75 per person- 3 recipes
4.     Private Group Rate- 4 or more students $65 per person
5.Catering Fees - $25 per hour for labor plus expenses
6.Travel Fee Dependent upon Situation

Questions???  Email Julie Gale
or call 914-261-1316 to learn more!

​1.Italian#1-Gluten Free Chicken Marsala, Butternut Squash Risotto, Raspberry Zabaglione-January 29

2.Italian #2– Chicken Scarpaiello, Home-made Fettuccini, Chocolate Salami—February 12 

3.Viennese– Wiener Schnitzel, Red Cabbage with Apples, Sacher Torte– March 26 

4.French— Cassoulet, Endive, Beet and Walnut Salad, Peach Almond Tart— April 23 

5.Indian Vegetarian - Pakoras, Samosas, Lemon Lentil Dal, Pappadums– May 21 

6.Chinese- Pork Soup Dumplings, Ma Po Tofu, Szechuan Pickled Vegetables– June 25

7. Jamaican– Red Snapper Escabeche, Plantain Mofongo, Pineapple Flan– July 23 

8. Spanish– Tomato Salmorejo Soup, Chor-izo and Chicken Paella, Caramel Custard– August 20

And Catering Business